Max Georis - InfinityMax Georis

This CD was recorded in 2006 after I got my recording studio set up in the basement of my house. The recording was mostly for run, but everything changed after I wrote "Strange Occurrence". My Dad (Walter Georis) suggested that I start working on an album project which sounded totally out of my reach in the beginning. I worked for a year using most of my time writting songs. I must have written 20 to 30 song ideas and "prototypes" but the songs that stuck with me the most where the 8 cuts on this album. I hope you enjoy my work.

Infinity Tracks:

1.Dance of Fire 7:33
2.Here We Go Again! 4:00
3.I See You 4:56
4.My Head's In Space 4:08
5.My Mind Won't Slow Down 5:32
6.Of My Life 4:57
7.Something There 4:21
8.Strange Occurrence 4:28

Infinity CD15.95


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