Tri-Surf Records Sample Sound Files

NEW!World Winds World Winds
Illusions MP3
Khalahari Storm - MP3
Dr. Grey Revisited - MP3

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The Endless Summer
Theme from "The Endless Summer" - MP3
Wild As The Sea - MP3
Out Front - MP3

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The Spirit Of Surf
Wingnut's Theme - MP3
Sax on the Beach - MP3
Theme from The Endless Summer - MP3
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Planet Surf
Ocean Beach - MP3
Bone Cruncher - MP3
Ohh-La-La - MP3
Continents Apart - MP3
Silvertone - MP3
Gypsy Moods - MP3
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Campagnitas - MP3
Children - MP3
Close To My Heart - MP3
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curious anthems
candyland - MP3
entre temps - MP3
meanderings - MP3
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